2005 Gathering, D Squadron Class of 1969
Virginia Tech Corps of Cadets

D Squadron, VTCC, Class of 1969

D-69 class members dined together on November 4 in the caboose at the Farmhouse Restaurant in Christiansburg, Virginia. (Photo by Farmhouse staffer Erin.)

Left to right: Drew Whaley and son Scott, Jeri and Bill Ball, Tom and Peggy Barr, Ashley Holt (daughter of Ron), Ron Holt, Eli and Jackie Blackwell, Walt Beverly, Henry and Tricia Mitchell.

Bill Ball and Tom Barr

Bill Ball, Tom Barr, and the Farmhouse's warning on the wall.

Drew and Scott Whaley

Drew Whaley, remaining properly focused, with son Scott.

Ron Holt and Eli Blackwell

Ron Holt and Eli Blackwell, possibly pondering an exit strategy.

Farmhouse Icon

As happy D-69 members left the Farmhouse caboose, late in the evening, they received a stiff salute.


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