Baluki, the Afghan Hound:
Pick of the Litter

By Patricia B. Mitchell, December 1974.


Baluki is a smoky black Afghan hound often seen lounging around a shop called Oxus. He is sometimes mistaken for a gorgeous fur rug. His companion, Sparky Wyatt, owns Oxus, which is located at 623 Royal Street. Sparky served as spokesman for Baluki, since Baluki was having his afternoon nap during the interview. Later on, however, Baluki thoroughly aroused himself for a picture-taking session.

Community Standard: Why are you called Baluki?

Baluki: Sparky has always had a fascination with Afghanistan, so he named his business Oxus, which is the name for a river in that country. When I came to live with him, he decided to call me Baluki, which is the name of a tribe in Afghanistan near the Oxus River.

Community Standard: When and where were you born?

Baluki: I was born at the Grey Dawn Kennels here in town on October 6, 1972. I am the pick of a littler of ten puppies. I now live on Chartres Street.

Community Standard: Do you find the French Quarter a good place to have fun?

Baluki: Yes, I love to sit in the fountain at Jackson Square, and to chase cats around the Civil Courts Building. Each morning Sparky and I got out for two and a half hours of exercise to keep us in shape. Terry Flettrich recently told us what a beautiful sight we are every morning running around by the Saint Louis Cathedral.

Community Standard: Do you follow a careful diet to keep your sleek physique?

Baluki: Each day I eat six cups of dry canine food and a big serving of fresh meat. Of course, I'm not full-grown yet. I only weight sixty-five pounds.

Community Standard: Will you be in shows when you grow up?

Baluki: I hope so, because if I'm a winner Sparky will breed me.

Community Standard: Do you have your eyes on any females currently?

Baluki: When I mate it is supposed to be with another Afghan, but it in the meantime I am enjoying the company of a darling pointer puppy, Maybelle. She lives near us and she and I play together in the mornings and evenings.


Community Standard: Do you and your roommate Sparky get along well?

Baluki: Yes, although he doesn't have a complete grasp of my vocabulary yet. He understands approximately twenty words, but I thoroughly understand his language… It took him awhile to realize that when I scratch my ears, that means I want to go outside.

Community Standard: When Sparky wants to make you happy, what does he do?

Baluki: He rubs my tummy.

Community Standard: Do you think that Sparky would ever exchange you for money?

Baluki: He has had offers of up to $1,000, but he is very attached to me, and I to him. We would not want to be separated.


Baluki: “I love to sit in the fountain.” (Cartoon by Robert C. Adler.)