Moses, the Macaw:
Exotic Dancer

By Patricia B. Mitchell, February 1975.

Moses the Macaw

Moses is a 3½-year-old blue-and-gold macaw who makes his home with Patricia Gordon, the French Quarter's organ-grinder-to-be. Moses, Patricia, and Henry the Monkey will be in the Quarter later this spring. They will entertain us with music and delight us with an additional extraordinary sight on the Vieux Carré. (How many brilliantly-colored parrots, lady organ-grinders, and funny monkeys have you seen assembled lately?)

The Community Standard conversed with Moses. He is quite erudite, although he sometimes lapses into profanity.

Community Standard: Do you look forward to becoming a Quarter institution?

Moses: Indeed. I vastly enjoy being the center of attention … which is a good thing, since my wings are clipped and I can't get away.

Community Standard: Do you have any special entertainment planned for us Quarterites?

Moses: Ah, yes. I am an accomplished dancer. When Mama (Patricia Gordon) plays the organ, I do a little soft-shoe routine. Self-taught, I want you to understand. None of this Arthur Murray stuff. I am magnificent….

Community Standard: Do you perform other feats?

Moses: My pièce de résistance is hanging by my beak on a keychain. Generally speaking, however, I confine that act to private parties.

Community Standard: Do you help around the house?

Moses: I call the dogs, and I greet guests. Also, I keep Mama in a happy mood by playing peek-a-boo with her. She will lurk behind a door frame and when she peers out I screech, “Peek-a-boo!” This gets her every time.

Community Standard: Do people try to motivate you to do tricks by presenting you with food?

Moses: They can try that tactic, but it never works. I do not accept bribes. I perform with I'm so inclined. I do love food, though! Mama works in a Chinese restaurant and often brings home left-overs. I really go for that Oriental cuisine. Some of my other favorites are sweet potatoes, eggs, and steak and chicken.

Community Standard: That's a high-protein diet.

Moses: Yes, I expect to live a hundred years, and I want to maintain my gorgeous body.

Community Standard: Do you use body make-up?

Moses: Oh, please! What a probing question! Cosmetics and paint could never enhance the plumage nature has given me!

Moses the Macaw

“I want to maintain my gorgeous body.”