Photo Album:
New Orleans' French Quarter

By Henry H. Mitchell.

Jackson Square

A Lucky Dog vendor along the Decatur Street side of Jackson Square, New Orleans, Louisiana. (7/05)

Jackson Square

St. Louis Cathedral and the 1856 bronze statue of Andrew Jackson by Clark Mills, as seen through the Decatur Street gates of Jackson Square. (7/05)

Jackson Square

St. Louis Cathedral, as seen from within Jackson Square. (7/05)

Jackson Square

Fountain on Jackson Square, with the Cabildo (left) and the St. Louis Cathedral in the background. (7/05)

Jackson Square

Looking from Jackson Square up Chartres Street, past the red brick Upper Pontalba Building on the left, and the arches of the Cabildo in the foreground on the right. (7/05)

Orleans Street

Orleans Street, with the back of the St. Louis Cathedral in the distance. (7/05)

Pirate's Alley

Pirate's Alley, looking past Cabildo Alley toward Chartres Street. (7/05)

Pirate's Alley

Pirate's Alley, looking from Chartres Street toward Royal Street. (7/05)

Madison Street

Madison Street, looking from Decatur Street toward Chartres Street. (7/05)

Beauregard House

The Beauregard-Keyes House, 1113 Chartres Street. (7/05)

Bourbon St. at Gov. Nicholls, New Orleans

A row of shotgun houses along Bourbon Street, at Gov. Nicholls. (7/05)

Napoleon House

The Napoleon House (see FoodNotes article), 500 Chartres Street. (7/05)

Maspero's Slave Exchange

Pierre Maspero's Slave Exchange, corner of Chartres and St. Louis. (7/05)


Antoine's (see FoodNotes article), 713 St. Louis Street, between Royal and Bourbon. (7/05)


Brennan's (see FoodNotes article), 417 Royal Street, between Conti and St. Louis. (7/05)

635 Toulouse Street

Courtyard at 635 Toulouse Street. The distant archway, now sealed, at one time opened onto the courtyard at 612 Royal Street (see next two photos). (7/05)

612 Royal Street

Three-story slave quarter at the Devéze-Henderson House, 612 Royal Street. (7/05)

612 Royal Street

An art gallery occupies the carriageway from the courtyard of the Devéze-Henderson House to Royal Street. The Court of Two Sisters restaurant can be seen through the doorway. (7/05)

600 Block Royal Street

View from the middle of the 600 block of Royal Street, looking toward Toulouse Street. In the foreground are the Wishing Gates building (yellow) and the Devéze-Henderson House (pink). (7/05)

600 Block Royal Street

View from the middle of the 600 block of Royal Street, looking toward St. Peter Street. On the near side of the St. Peter corner (in the foreground) is New Orleans first “skyscraper,” the LeMonnier House (640 Royal). On the far side of the intersection is the LaBranche House (700 Royal) with its famed cast-iron gallery railings. (7/05)


Across the Royal Street from the LaBranche House is the A&P Grocery (701 Royal). (7/05)


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