A Namesake Searches for Evangeline in St. Martinville

Evangeline sculpture

Sarah Evangeline Mitchell visits the sculpture of Evangeline at St. Martin de Tours Church in St. Martinville, July 1984.

Evangeline sculpture

Sarah Evangeline returns to the Evangeline sculpture, June 1994.

Evangeline Oak

Sarah Evangeline and her family pause in front of the Evangeline Oak, alongside Bayou Teche.

Evangeline painting

A painting of Evangeline, completed in 1940 by New York artist Minetta Good for the U.S. Treasury Department's Section of Fine Arts, presides over the St. Martinville Post Office. (The St. Martinville painting of Evangeline and its creation are discussed in great detail in Sue Bridwell Beckham's book Depression Post Office Murals and Southern Culture.)

A reproduction of the painting now hangs over Sarah Evangeline's mantel.

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