Rum Gully Tales from Tuck'em Inn:
Stories of Murrells Inlet
and the Waccamaw Country

by Pratt Gasque

Rum Gully Tales (Sandlapper Publishing, Inc.)

Sandlapper Publishing, Inc. (1990). 148pp. 5.375 x 8.375 inches. Illustrated with vintage photographs. Paperback. ISBN-10: 0-87844-095-X.

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About the Book

From the Prologue

By Suzanne Gasque McIntyre

These are the stories that my father Pratt Gasque would tell us on summer evenings on the porch of Tuck'em Inn, our family cottage at Murrells Inlet. These were days before television, movie theaters, and local night spots. Story time was our favorite nightly entertainment. The more we heard the tales, the more popular they became.

About the Author

From the Cover

Pratt Gasque is a lifelong resident of Marion, South Carolina, and confirmed vacationer at Murrells Inlet. He left both places long enough to graduate from the University of South Carolina in 1929 and to serve in the U.S. Navy from 1943 to 1945.

While pursuing a career in business, he has written stories for his local newspaper and, occasionally, other papers in the state. He is married and has raised two children devoted to Murrells Inlet.

Hurricane Hugo hit the South Carolina coast on September 21, 1989, while this manuscript was being set in type. Tuck'em Inn was devastated. All that remained after seventy-five years were three walls with the insides scooped out. The Gasques are planning to rebuild.

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