Bittle en' T'ing': Gullah Cooking with Maum Chrish'
by Virginia Mixson Geraty

Bittle en' T'ing': Gullah Cooking with Maum Chrish' (Sandlapper Publishing, Inc.)

Sandlapper Publishing, Inc. (1992). 78pp. including glossary. 6 x 9.25 inches. Paperback. ISBN-10: 0-87844-107-7.

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About the Book

Bittle en' T'ing' is a collection of recipes from South Carolina's Low Country, written in Gullah with English translations. More than a cookbook, it is a tribute to this unique language and to the African-American people whose ancestors used it as a mother tongue.

The recipes are related in the voice of “Maum Chrish',” a character based on the real Maum Chrish', granddaughter of a Yoruba-descended slave. Maum Chrish' lived in Saint Paul's Parish, near Charleston, and for many years the author listened to her tales of “ole timey” and enjoyed her Gullah “receets.” Now both the tales and the food are woven into this collection of lore from a nearly vanished way of life.

Recipes include appetizers, main courses, vegetables, and desserts, and range from Low Country favorites such as she-crab soup and Huguenot tortes, to more unusual fare: Wash Day Soup … Roast Raccoon … Oyster Mush … Corn Pudding … Wild Asparagus … Hog Head Soup.

About the Author

Virginia Mixson Geraty lived for many years in the Yonges Island / Edisto area of South Carolina and today lives in Charleston. A Gullah language instructor and translator, she has published poetry, books, and recordings in Gullah, as well as serving as Gullah consultant for the NBC Today Show, the Voice of America, South Carolina Educational Television, the British Broadcasting Company, and the Summer Institute of Linguistics.

Mrs. Geraty recently translated into Gullah the play Porgy from the original work of Dorothy and DuBose Heyward. Then, from this Gullah translation, she produced the play Porgy, A Gullah Version, which premiered in Charleston in June, 1991.

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