South Carolina's Low Country:
A Past Preserved

by Catherine Campani Messmer

South Carolina's Low Country (Sandlapper Publishing Co., Inc.)

Photography by C. Andrew Halcomb. Sandlapper Publishing Co., Inc. (1988). 143pp. including index. 8.75 x 11.25 inches. Hardcover. ISBN: 0-87844-070-4.

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From the Jacket

About the Book

The history of South Carolina's Low Country is a mosaic of peoples, cultures, and the forces of nature. In listening to its story, one hears of romance, intrigue, courage and persistence, building, destruction and rebuilding.

The rich land of the Low Country first proved excellent for the growing of rice, and, later, for indigo and cotton. A profitable trade developed early between the English colony and the mother country, laying the foundation for a new planter class which emerged as an “aristocracy.” The wealth of the planters permitted them to acquire vast plantations and to build palatial homes and churches.

Despite the hard times of the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, Reconstruction, and the Great Depression, many old plantations remain, some in private hands, some preserved as museums, some subdivided into residential developments. In addition, the three cities encompassed by this volume — Beaufort, Georgetown, and Charleston — have street after street of preserved homes, churches, and public buildings, some almost 300 years old. One need only look from side to side to find a past preserved.

About the Creators

Catherine Campani Messmer, who lives in Charlotte, NC, was born in Rockville Centre, NY. After working as a market analyst and credit officer, she became a free-lance writer in 1982.

C. Andrew Halcomb, a native of Princeton, NJ, is a long-time resident of Charlotte, NC. A former banker, he has operated his own photography business, Grand Illusions, since 1983.

Cover designed by Delmar L. Roberts.

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