Low Country Voices
by Nancy Rhyne

Low Country Voices (Sandlapper Publishing Co., Inc.)

Sandlapper Publishing Co., Inc. (1974). 160pp. 6.25 x 9.25 inches. Hardcover. Illustrated. ISBN-10: 0-87844171-9. ISBN-13: 978-0-87844171-6.

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From the Jacket

About the Book

“In my years of travel on the back roads of South Carolina's hauntingly beautiful Low Country, I have met some of the area's best storytellers and heard many memorable tales. I can't imagine having lived my life without knowing about Parson Jenkins and the colorful, talented musicians of his orphanage jazz bands. My days have been enriched and my life inspired by the adventures of Captain Jussely as he traveled the Atlantic transporting passengers and cargo. How dull this life voyage would be if I had no story of disappearing cemeteries to share with those I meet.

“This collection of tales is a culmination of visits my husband Sid and I made with folks along the back roads of coastal Carolina. Much of it is the words and remembrances of people with whom I visited. I hope you will enjoy taking this journey with me. There is no place so warm and no people so colorful as the South Carolina Low Country and those folks who call her home. May these stories inspire you and enrich your life.”

About the Author

Nancy Rhyne is a respected and well-sought-after storyteller and speaker, who has a deep interest in preserving folklore of the Low Country. Nancy lives with her husband Sid in Myrtle Beach, where she continues to research and write.

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