Love's Meaning
By Archibald Rutledge

Love's Meaning (re-bound example)

Published by the Fleming H. Revell Company, New York, 1948. 42pp. 4.75 x 7.125 inches. Hardcover.

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About the Book

On page 15, Archibald Rutledge states:

In the preceding paragraphs, somewhat disconnected I must admit, I have tried to show the impossibility of defining love, yet have suggested something conerning its nature, at the same time showing, to some degree, what it is not. I shall ow attempt to tell more specifically of some of the talismen by which love can infallibly be recognized.

About the Author

Archibald Rutledge (1883–1973) was South Carolina's first poet laureate, and a prolific and beloved writer of out-of-doors prose, with over eighty books published.

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