Vanna Speaks

Vanna Speaks (Warner Books)

By Vanna White with Patricia Romanowski. Foreword by Pat Sajak. Warner Books (1987). 191pp. 72 photographs. 6.25 x 9.25 inches. Hardcover. ISBN-10: 0-446-51366-0

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About the Book

At last! After years of silence on Wheel of Fortune, VANNA SPEAKS! The game show beauty who “turns letters for a living” has taken the country by storm. But what's she really like? Golden girl Vanna White tells you in her own words how she made it from smalltown cheerleader to big time celebrity, to capture the American dream.

It's a long way from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina [actually, Vanna is from North Myrtle Beach], to Hollywood, but even as a child Vanna wanted to be a star. Now she gives you the story of her meteoric rise to the top. You'll go with her on her early modeling assignments in Atlanta, watch her land bit parts in Hollywood movies, and feel the suspense as she auditions for Wheel of Fortune and skyrockets to fame.

Here Vanna will take you behind the scenes of America's favorite game show, recalling fortunes won and lost on the spin of the wheel and off-camera stories that will touch your heart. She reveals what they look for during contestant searches, how and why contestants are chosen, the secrets of game strategy…and what Pat Sajak is really like.

VANNA SPEAKS also of love: her extyraordinary relationship with her remarkable mother whom she nursed through terminal cancer. And of John Gibson, the man of her dreams whom she met through daytime TV. For the first time, Vanna tells of the idyllic life they shared for nearly five years, of John's passion for flying which led to his death, and how she survived tragedy to build her life again.

Then, without reservation, she exposes the dark side of success. In a story of exploitation that could be a primer on “how-not-to” for other star-struck young women, she tells how she posed for revealing lingerie ads that have surfaced in Playboy, and how she's dealing with the problem…as well as the depression that led to twenty-five unwanted pounts, and the diet that took it off—for good!

Here's Vanna as you've never seen her before, sharing her life, her loves, her fashion secrets, her exercises and unique beauty plan her diet tips, and her candid personal advice for all aspiring models and actresses.

VANNA SPEAKS—with candor, humor, insight, and intelligence—in the book every fan will want to read.

Front cover photo is by Charles Bush; jacket design is by Jackie Merri Meyer.

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