Pirates of the Carolinas
by Terrance Zepke

Pirates of the Carolinas (Pineapple Press)

Pineapple Press (2000). 144pp. including index. 6 x 9 inches. Paperback. Illustrated. ISBN-10: 1-56164-205-3. ISBN-13: 978-1-56164-205-2.

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From the Cover

About the Book

Pirates of the Carolinas discusses thirteen of the most fascinating buccaneers in the history of piracy. These men and women are all connected somehow with the Carolinas.

This book provides insight into the personalities and lives of these fascinating sea marauders and answers many questions about what life was like for pirates.

Did Henry Avery, the illustrious “Arch Pirate” and mentor to pirates Blackbeard and Thomas Tew, really kidnap and marry the Great Mogul's daughter? The shrewd captain seized one of the biggest pirate prizes in the history of piracy. So why did he die a pauper?

Why was Blackbeard feared by even the cruelest and toughest pirates? Did he really hold the entire town of Charleston captive? Is it true he tied lit fues to his head before going into battle?

Beautiful, young, well-bred Anne Bonny ran away to avoid marrying a rich man her father had chosen for her. Mary Reed pretended to be a male pirate by dressing up in men's clothes. How and why did these women become pirates?

Did Captain Kidd murder one of his crew? What happened during the legendary three-year voyage that was to be his last? Was he a privateer or an honest-to-goodness pirate?

Did “Calico Jack” really leave his wife and crew to battle while he hid below deck?

Stede Bonnet was known as the “Gentleman Pirate” and is reportedly the only pirate to purchase his own ship. How did this retired military major end up sailing with Blackbeard's flotilla?

About the Author

Award-winning travel writer/photographer Terrance Zepke lives in central North Carolina and a small beach community in South Carolina. She has a master's degree from the University of South Carolina. Ms. Zepke has lived in England, Hawaii, New Jersey, and Tennessee and has traveled all over the world, writing and photographing for magazines and newspapers.

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