Common Atlantic Bubble Shell (Bulla straita Brugière, 1792)

Common Atlantic Bubble Shell
Bulla straita Brugière, 1792

Common Atlantic Bubble Shell:
Night-Happy Bubble

By Patricia B. Mitchell.

The Common Atlantic Bubble Shell is approximately 1 inch long. The shell is glossy brown or reddish-gray, perhaps subtly mottled or banded. It is oval in shape and inflated with a very depressed spire. The aperture (opening) is longer than the main body of the shell, and rounded at both ends. — Think of the shell as being shaped a little like a short, loosely-rolled scroll. There is a white area at the base of the inner lip. The interior of the shell is white or light-colored. The Bubble is thin and lightweight.

A gastropod which is most active at night, the Common Atlantic Bubble snail inhabits grassy sand and mud flats from coastal North Carolina to Brazil; and in Bermuda. It feeds on small mollusks, swallowing them whole and crushing them with its interior calcareous plates.


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