Elegant Dosinia (Dosinia elegans Conrad, 1846)

Elegant Dosinia
Dosinia elegans Conrad, 1846

Elegant Dosinia:
Pretty All Around

By Patricia B. Mitchell.

The Elegant Dosinia, Dosinia elegans, is a lovely white bivalve which may reach a diameter of 3 inches. Its surface is marked with numerous uniformly-spaced concentric ridges, though the lines are not as close together as are those of the quite similar Disk Dosinia, Dosinia discus. The Elegent Dosinia has slightly broader ridges than does the Disk Dosinia, with about 10 ridges to a centimeter compared to about 20 ridges on the Disk Dosinia.

The Elegant Dosinia is almost circular in shape, except for its small beaks, which point anteriorally. The bivalve is very compressed — that is to say, the two halves of the bivalve fit together rather flat, almost like a ladies' compact. The periostracum, or shell covering, is translucent, grayish, and varnish-like.

Elegant Dosinia has a range from North Carolina to Texas and the Caribbean.


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