Common Nutmeg (Cancellaria reticulata Linnaeus, 1767)

Common Nutmeg
Cancellaria reticulata Linnaeus, 1767

Common Nutmeg:
Well-Rounded Whorls

By Patricia B. Mitchell.

The Common Nutmeg gastropod has a sturdy and handsome shell which may reach a height of two inches. The surface color is white, pale yellow, or orange, with blotchy, orange-brown bands. The shell has six or seven swollen whorls (volutions, or turns, of the spire). The exterior of the shell is sculpted with vertical (longitudinal) ribs and revolving grooves. The twisted columella boasts two strong folds, or pleats. The upper fold is larger and spirally grooved. The outer lip has strong, even ridges on its inner surface.

The snail is a vegetarian. He lives in sand in warm, shallow seas anywhere from North Carolina to Brazil. His habitat is in coastal shelves at a depth of 20 to 30 feet of water.


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