Sea Shells of the World:
A Guide to the Better-Known Species

by R. Tucker Abbott, Ph.D.

Sea Shells of the World: A Guide to the Better-Known Species (Golden Press)

A Golden Nature Guide from Golden Press (1962). Index. 160pp. 4 x 6 inches. Paperback.

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Cover Notes

The Golden Nature Guides are an introduction to the world of nature, a guide to the most common, most easily seen, and most interesting aspects of the world around us. Each guide combines the authority of an eminent scientist and of an expert in science education — Dr. Herbert S. Zim. These 160 page books overflow with accurate full color illustrations and concise, double-checked information which makes identification and understanding the subject easy and enjoyable.

Author: R. Tucker Abbott, Ph.D.

R. Tucker Abbott, Ph.D., Curator of Mollusks at the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, occupies the Pilsbry Chair of Malacology. Collectors know him as the author of several outstanding books on shells, including American Seashells. Internationally known for his research in marine shells and medically important mollusks, he is a former president of the American Malacological Union, and editor of three mollusk journals.

Editor: Herbert S. Zim, Ph.D.

Herbert S. Zim, Ph.D., outstanding authority on sicence education and formerly Professor of Education, University of Illinois, is well-known in professional circles and to a wide reading public. He is co-author of the Golden Nature Guides: Birds, Flowers, Insects, Stars, Trees, Reptiles and Amphibians, Mammals, Seashores, Fishes, Weather, Rocks and Minerals, and Gamebirds.

Illustrators: Marita Sandström and George F. Sandström

Marita Sandström has exhibited work in the International Exhibition of Biological Photography and has lectured in the field of mammalian genetics. George F. Sandström studied art in Argentina and has been active in the graphic arts field since 1955.

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