Tideland Treasure
by Todd Ballantine

Tideland Treasure (University of South Carolina Press)

University of South Carolina Press (Revised Edition, 1991). 218pp. with index. Illustrated. 7.5 x 10.625 inches. Paperback. ISBN-10: 0-87249-795-X. ISBN-13: 978-0-87249-795-5.

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From the Book Cover

About the Book

Tideland Treasure is an illustrated guide to the beaches and marshes of the Eastern United States coast, encompassing seashores and wetlands from Ocean City, New Jersey, to Cape Canaveral, Florida. Lavished with true-to-life illustrations and hand-written text, the book portrays the nature of the sea beach, salt marsh, plants, and animals of he area in everyday language. Common names are used to make information memorable to casual beachcombers and amateur naturalists.

About the Author

Todd Ballantine is an internationally recognized environmental scientist, writer, and artist residing on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. His long-running newspaper column, “On Earth,” received the Harry Hampton Award for natural resource reporting from the South Carolina Wildlife Federation. In addition to Tideland Treasure, he has written and illustrated Woodland Walks, an introduction to the ecology of the Southeastern coastal region, and more than a dozen nature guides.

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