Animals Without Backbones
by Ralph Buchsbaum

Animals Without Backbones (University of Chicago Press)

The University of Chicago Press (1938). Index. 371pp. 6.5 x 9.125 inches. Hardcover. Illustrated.

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From the Preface

By Ralph Buchsbaum.

Elementary and general accounts of the invertebrates, suitable for the beginning college student or layman, have been limted to two sorts of books: natural histories, which describe the habits of a great many animals but are lacking in descriptions of basic structure and in theory, and formal textbooks, which are packed with morphological detail and technical terminology. This book is an attempt to present the main groups of invertebrate animals in simple nontechnical language. Each group is used to illustrate some principle of biology or some level in the evolution of animals from simple to complex forms.

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