Eyewitness Handbook of Shells
by S. Peter Dance

Shells (Dorling Kindersley, Inc.)

Dorling Kindersley, Inc. (1992). Index. 256pp. 5.75 x 8.5 inches. Hardcover. ISBN 1-56458-032-6. More than 600 full-color photographs.

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Cover Notes

About the Book

The Eyewitness Handbook of Shells is packed with 600 vivid full-color photos of more than 500 species of seashells. The authoritative and systematic photographic approach, with words never separated from pictures, marks a new generation of identification guides.

Identification Made Easy

This book is designed for beginners and experienced collectors alike. The introduction explains what a seashell is and how they are classified, then gives information about starting a collection. To help in the first stages of identification, a clear visual key shows the differences between the major classes of seashell, identifies each genus by shape, and guides readers to the correct species entries.

Photo-encyclopedic Approach

Each species entry offers both scientific and common names, and combines precise descriptions with annotated photographs to highlight the shell's characteristics and distinguishing features. Each entry also has a map showing the geographical range of that species, as well as color-coded bands that provide at-a-glance facts for quick reference. Finally, a concise glossary provides instant understanding of technical and scientific terms. Easy to use and beautiful to look at, the Eyewitness Handbooks built into the definitive library for enthusiasts and browsers of all ages.

S. Peter Dance (Dorling Kindersley, Inc.)

S. Peter Dance

About the Author

S. Peter Dance is one of the world's leading shell experts and is a well-known natural history author. Now a full-time writer and consultant, he spent sixteen years working at museums, nine of them at the Natural History Museum in London. He is the author or coathor of seventeen books, including Compendium of Shells (with R. Tucker Abbott), The Encyclopedia of Shells, The Shell Collector's Guide, Shell Collecting: an Illustrated History, Rare Shells, Classic Natural History Prints: Shells, and Country Life's The Art of Natural History.

When not engaged in writing or research, Peter Dance lectures and appears on television in both Great Britain and the United States. His fascination with shells has taken him all over the world, from Australia's Great Barrier Reef to the Arabian Gulf and Florida's Sanibel Island. He lives with his wife in Carlisle, England.

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