Seashore Identifier
by Bob Lollo

Seashore Identifier (Mallard Press)

Mallard Press, an imprint of BDD Promotional Book Company, Inc. (1992). 80pp. including index. 9 x 11.875 inches. Hardcover. ISBN-10: 0-7924-5519-3.

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From the Book Cover

About the Book

For those who love the sea, its shores have an endless fascination, because of the range of animals and plants to be found on and around them. The variety of the creatures is matched by the variety of their habitats, which can be as different as shingle beaches and coral reefs. Each principal zone of the shore takes up one chapter, starting with sandy beaches and moving on to rocky coasts, dunes, salt marshes, coral reefs and mangrove swamps. How each one evolved, sometimes over thousands of years, and how each is still changing, is explained, and further information is provded on how the plants and animals have evolved to fit their environments as well as how they interact with it and each other.

Lavish color photographs show every aspect of the seashore, from rocky coves to mangrove swamps, and dtailed line drawings illustrate a range of ideas, including the movement of a wave, or how and why sand dunes form. There are also practical instructions for a range of projects, such as making a glass-bottomed bucket and building a marine aquarium. The informative text and wealth of illustrations make this the perfect introduction to a popular and compelling subject.

About the Author

Bob Lollo is a freelance journalist and photographer, writing for wildlife magazines and local newspapers. In addition, his photographs have been widely published in magazines, books and other publications.

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