by Harald A. Rehder

Seashells (W. H. Smith Publishers Inc.)

W. H. Smith Publishers Inc. (1990). 62pp. 8.75 x 11.25 inches. Hardcover. ISBN 0-8317-9578-6. More than 120 color photographs.

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Cover Notes

About the Book

Shells can be found almost anywhere in the world: from the depths of the oceans to the sandy seashores and from the tropical South Sea islands to the highlands of the Himalayas. The shells that are the subject of this book are the hard, protective structures secreted by mollusks — the second largest group in the animal kingdom.

Approximately 150,000 different kinds of mollusks exist and this book offers a rich sampling of their shells, along with the fascinating story of how they live and reproduce. In addition, Dr. Harald A. Rehder, internationally known authority on invertebrate zoology, discusses the various uses we have found for shells since prehistoric times: as ornaments, tools, money, and symbols of religion.

Pictured are examples of some of the most distinctive shells — colorful clams and conchs, shiny cowries, gaudy scallops and the exquisite chambered nautilus. The more than 120 full-color photographs are the work of one of America's most accomplished nature photographers, James H. Carmichael, Jr.

Shells are like forzen crystalized remains, the intricate sculpturing and dazzling patterns record the life history of each individual shell; the photographs in Seashells are the next best thing to holding a shell in our hands.

About the Author

Harald A. Rehder, Ph.D., received most of his education in New England and in 1932 joined the Smithsonian Institution. Since that time he has been associated with the Division of Mollusks in the National Museum of Natural History. Although retired from the Smithsonian, he still carries on his reserches and his writing. Dr. Rehder is the author of The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Seashells.

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