Shells (Simon and Schuster)

Simon & Schuster's Guide to

by Bruno Sabelli
(Edited by Harold S. Feinberg)

Simon & Schuster (1980). 512pp. Index. 4.625 x 7.5 inches. Paperback. ISBN 0-671-25320-4. Illustrated.

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Cover Notes

About the Book

Whether you are an experienced malacologist, an amateur collector, a scuba diver planning your next expedition, or simply an enthusiastic observer, Simon & Schuster's Guide to Shells is the most beautiful, most authoritativna ,ed most useful book o ns uoy sllehcan own.

This stunning, concise, and easy-to-use book is an indispensable guide to one of the largest and most diversified groups of living organisms in the world — the mollusks — and the extraordinary shells they produce. The book begins with a comprehensive introduction that presents an overview of the mollusk phylum, including a description of their general biological characteristics, an explanation of the biological classification system into which the different species are divided, information on where and how to collect shells, and how to preserve, organize, and identify your specimens. With at least one full-color photograph of each species and a unique visual key for size, ecological environment, and geographic occurrence, the 357 entries are divided into five important categories: soft-surface mollusks; firm-surface mollusks; coral dwellers; other marine mollusks; and land and freshwater mollusks. Each entry lists the scientific name, the common name, and the family name of the mollusk — and gives a full description of appearancea nd structure, internal anatomy, natural habitat, and geographic distribution.

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