Coastal Plants (UNC Press)

Coastal Plants:
from Cape Cod to Cape Canaveral

Irene H. Stuckey
Lisa Lofland Gould

UNC Press (2000). 305pp. 5 x 8 inches. Hardcover. ISBN 0-8078-2582-4. Index. 126 color illustrations, 1 black and white illustration.

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Cover Notes

About the Book

A handy guide to wildflowers, grasses, trees, and other plants of the Atlantic coast.

This beautifully illustrated book introduces readers to 125 frequently encountered wildflowers and other plants that grow in coastal habitats from Massachusetts to central Florida. Concise and readable, it will appeal to everyone from the budding naturalist out to enjoy a day at the beach to the professional scientist seeking accurate, current information about coastal plants.

About the Authors

Irene H. Stuckey and Lisa Lofland Gould are well known for their popular field trips, lectures, writings, and photographs devoted to wild plants and plant ecology. Stuckey is professor emerita of plant physiology at the University of Rhode Island's Agricultural Experiment Station, where her recent research focused on salt marshes. Gould is a research associate at the University of Rhode Island, executive director of the Rhode Island Natural History Survey, and a founder of the Rhode Island Wild Plant Society.


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