Mathias Bolanz Winery
Chatham, Virginia

Mr. M. Bolantz [Mathias Bolanz], an extensive manufacturer of wines, brandies, and a large fruit grower, near the courthouse, complains that the Whig [newspaper in Richmond] slighted him in its reports of the last agricultural fair, in not mentioning the fact that he received certificates from the Society for the best wines and brandies on exhibition. Mr. Bolantz deserves to have full amends made him. His vineyard of six acres is a model. — It seems to me that his success in the cultivation of the grape should induce many more to follow his example. He has raised, also, an abundance of apples, of the “Queen” species. It is a rare variety, I believe, and I don't think I have tasted finer flavored fruit outside of Albemarle. Mr. Bolantz is not the only German immigrant I have met who is teaching our people how to make money out of their native soil.


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