Lunch with Patricia Neal

Ben and Betty Neal Davenport with Patricia Neal

Ben Davenport, Jr., and Betty Neal Davenport with her second cousin Patricia Neal in Las Vegas, May 1987.

Betty Davenport speaks of sharing lunch with her second cousin, actress Patricia Neal:

I had the privilege of having lunch with Patricia at a national Shell Oil Jobbers convention in May 1987. She was the featured speaker for the ladies' luncheon and Ben had requested that she be seated with us. Believe me, when they seated her beside me, she put me through a quiz about Java, our kin, etc., to make sure that I was legitimate. I wish I could remember specific questions, but all centered around family, Java, and Chatham — questions that an impostor would not have known. I do remember the GREAT sense of relief in having passed the quiz! After she was convinced that I was indeed who I claimed to be, we had a lovely time chatting. She had had the stroke and was in a wheelchair but walked across the stage. Needless to say, she was quite well received. It was a wonderful time for Ben and me, one that I will always remember.


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