Victorian Wooden & Brick Houses
With Details

By A. J. Bicknell & Co.

Victorian Wooden and Brick Houses with Details: A. J. Bicknell and Co. (Dover Publications)

Dover (2006) unabridged republication of Wooden and Brick Buildings with Details, Volume I, A. J. Bicknell & Co., New York, 1875. 112pp. 9.375 x 12.25. Paperbound. ISBN-13: 978-0-486-45103-9. ISBN-10: 0-486-45103-8.

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From the Book Cover

This vintage volume offers a treasure trove of floor plans, elevations, and details of residences and public buildings. Artists, architects, and historians alike will find it an endless source of inspiration.

Featured buildings include villas, cottages, and farm houses as well as churches, schools, banks, and many other structures. Eighty-one remarkably detailed illustrations capture the elaborate, distinctive beauty of Victorian-era cornices, staircases, gables, verandas, doors, dormers, and other architectural elements. In addition, a fascinating “Specifications” section highlights construction guidelines for masons, bricklayers and carpenters.

Cover design by Peter Donahue.

(The above commentary is provided by Dover Publications, Inc.)

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