Authentic Color Schemes for Victorian Houses:
Comstock's Modern House Painting, 1883

E. K. Rossiter and F. A. Wright

Comstock's Modern House Painting, 1883 (Dover Publications)

Dover (2001) unabridged republication of the second revised edition of Modern House Painting: Containing Twenty Colored Lithographic Plates…, as published by William T. Comstock, New York, 1883. 20 color plates. 64pp. 11.25 x 8.375 inches. Paperbound. ISBN 0-486-41774-3.

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From the Book Cover

When the authors, a pair of respected architects, first published this beautiful book in the late Victorian era, they meant it as a wakeup call to the forward-looking homeowners of the time — inviting them to eschew “the old puritanical hatred of color, which found its natural outcome in white houses with green blinds” and join in the revolutionary trend toward “advanced notions, in which the more positive colors find a chance of expression.” The book helped homeowners to attain this goal through its presentation of full-color illustrations of attractive, up-to-date color schemes for houses — with special attention given to the graceful, delicate, and refined lines of Queen Anne-style homes.

The heart of the book is the section of 20 exquisite color plates — each reproducing a flawlessly executed architectural drawing that shows the color possibilities for a specific house, and each accompanied by an extensive written description of the colors to be used for exterior walls and trim. An informative introductory section gives a clear explanation of how to mix primary and secondary c sroloto achieve ushc popular, mellow tones of the period as olive, russet, citrine, buff, plum, and sage.

Restorationists will welcome this authentic source of inspiration and suggestions for restoring homes to original Victorian-era colors; architects, home-builders, and lovers of Victoriana will delight in the possibilities suggested by the detailed exterior drawings of beautifully functional living places.

(The above commentary is provided by Dover Publications, Inc.)

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