Classic Houses of the Twenties
(Loizeaux's Plan Book No. 7)

By the Loizeaux Companies

Loizeaux: Classic Houses of the Twenties (Dover Publications)

Dover (1992) unabridged republication of Loizeaux's Plan Book No. 7, published by J. D. Loizeaux Lumbe Company, Plainfield, N.J., and Loizeaux Builders Supply Company, Elizabeth, N.J., 1927. 134 houses shown in halftones and floor plans. Over 100 other halftones and line illustrations. 7 color illustrations on covers. 192 pp. 8.375 x 11.25. Paperbound. ISBN: 0-486-27388-1.

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From the Book Cover

For home restorers, preservationists, architectural historians or anyone interested in American domestic architecture of the 1920s, this unabridged republication of a rare plan book from that era will be an invaluable resource. Published by the Loizeaux building-supply and lumber companies of New Jersey in 1927, it includes illustrations and floor plans for 134 hourses in many styles — New England colonial, Dutch Colonial, Gothic or half-timber, Modern english, Italian, Spanish Mission and more.

Ranging in price from less than $4,000.00 to over $13,000.00, these homes offer a fascinating cross section of the most popular building styles in America over sixty years ago. For each home, the catalog provides an illustration of the exterior, complete floor plans with dimensions, costs and a brief description of the features and advantages of the house. Helpful commentary is often included: “The living room should offer an invitation to relax mentally and physically. Comfortable chairs, shaded lights, and soft-tone hangings, draperies and walls will help create the homelike, restful atmosphere so desirable in a living room. For the decoration of the living room walls, tans, medium brown, warm gray, old blue, gray, green and other soft colors are excellent.”

In addition to complete plans, the catalog also includes plumbing and bathroom fixtures, wiring, closet fixtures, tiling, heaters and other necessities. The result is an authentic reference guide for a wide range of homes still extant in American cities and towns. For anyone seeking to buy or restore one of hese houses, the Loizeaux plan book represents an unparalleled resource containing original plans, detailed descriptions, dimensions and prices.

Cover design by Frank J. Moore.

(The above commentary is provided by Dover Publications, Inc.)

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