Victorian Wooden Molding and Frame Designs:
The 1910 Morell Catalog
, by H. Morell

Victorian Wooden Molding and Frame Designs (Dover Publications)

Dover (1991) republication, in association with The Athenaeum of Philadelphia, of the Illustrated Trade List, published by H. Morell, London, 1910. Preface to the Athenaeum/Dover Edition by Roger W. Moss, Executive Director of The Athenaeum of Philadelphia. 1,868 black-and-white line illustrations. Index. 208pp. 9 x 12 inches. Paperbound. ISBN-10: 0-486-26932-9. ISBN-13: 978-0-486-26932-0.

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From the Book Cover

Contemporary interest in Victorian style is nowhere more evident than in the number of Victorian-era homes now being painstakingly restored, and the construction of new homes of authentic Victorian design. An important aspect of these restorations and re-creations is the elaborate wooden molding and frame designs that embellished both the interiors and exteriors of Victorian homes.

This unique book brings back into print a rare British sourcebook of the period that advertised wooden molding and frame designs for the decoration of Victorian homes and buildings. H. Morell, one of the largest suppliers of moldings in the world a century ago, manufactured reeded moldings, bead moldings, various gilded moldings, ornamental frames, brass corners and crowns, waved moldings, spoon moldings and many other types of architectural embellishment. This reprint of Morell's 1910 catalog brings modern readers an unquestionably authentic record of the types of decoration available to designers and builders of the Victorian era.

Over 1,800 illustrations — many of them actual size — depict such entries as “Antique Black Mouldings,” “Venetian Frames,” “Imitation Sheraton Mouldings,” “Chocolate and Gilt Mouldings,” “Florentine Frames,” “Maple Bead Mouldings” and many other decorations. Builders, architects, designers, decorators, home owners, restoration experts and architectural historians will find in these pages invaluable pictorial documentation for any project requiring authentic Victorian detailing.

Cover design by Paul E. Kennedy.

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