Radford's House Designs of the Twenties
by William A. Radford Co.

William A. Radford: Radford's House Designs of the Twenties (Dover Publications)

Unabridged Dover (2003) republication of Home Builders' Red Book, originally published by Radford, Chicago, 1925. 189 black-and-white illustrations. 96pp. 8.375 x 11. Paperbound. ISBN 0-486-42993-8.

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From the Book Cover

In 1925, the Radford Architectural Company of Chicago published a book of house designs featuring styles and room layouts to fit the requirements of individual families and pocketbooks. This meticulous reprints of the rare catalog, created as an aid to architects, carpenters, and builders, includes floor plans and exterior photographs of nearly 100 houses. Depicted are the two-bedroom Bixby, a bungalow to fit on a 50-foot lot; the Coventry, a charming Dutch colonial with three bedrooms and a sun room; and the two-story Amity, with four bedrooms, den, and entry hall.

Invaluable for restoring residences, this handy volume will also appeal to owners of houses constructed in the 1920s and to anyone who lives fine, old buildings.

Cover design by John M. Alves.

(The above commentary is provided by Dover Publications, Inc.)

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