Victorian House Designs
in Authentic Full Color

Blanche Cirker, Editor

Victorian House Designs in Authentic Full Color (Dover Publications)

Original Dover (1997) selection of material previously published in Scientific American — Architects and Builders Edition, 1885-1894. 75 color plates. New Publisher's Note. Indexes of architects and locations. 80pp. 9.25 x 12.25 inches. Paperbound. ISBN 0-486-29438-2.

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From the Book Cover

Much of American domestic architecture in the late Victorian era reflected the affluence of a new middle class. Well-designed and attractively-landscaped, the new homes routinely incorporated many features once available only to the very wealthy. This volume contains 75 exceptionally handsome full-color plates presenting a choice selection of these residences, as well as other buildings.

Reproduced from a rare collection of architectural designs, exquisite full-color plates depict a wide variety of cottages, clubhouses, city dwellings, suburban and country homes and other structures — even a firehouse and a country store. Most are shown in meticulously rendered perspective view featuring beautifully landscaped grounds with animals, bicycles and other realistic touches, along with a complete floor plan, some including measurements.

Designed by architects based in the Northeast and Midwest, the plans embrace a broad range of styles — from a charming three-story brick and shingle “cottage” in Buffalo, New York, and a baronial, ivy-covered residence in Stamford, Connecticut, to imposing residential row houses in New York City and a huge, rambling Chicago clubhouse with turrets, towering chimneys and a wraparound “piazza.”

Of special interest to architects, home restorers and preservationists, this splendid archive will also appeal to anyone who enjoys a nostalgic and revealing glimpse of the spacious dwellings that graced the American landscape over a century ago.

Cover design by Manuela Paul.

(The above commentary is provided by Dover Publications, Inc.)

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