Thomas Sheraton's
Classical Revival Furniture Designs

Thomas Sheraton's Classical Revival Furniture Designs (Dover Publications)

New 1972 edition. Selected plates (including all of the furniture) with accompanying texts from various editions between 1793 and 1802. New Introduction by Joseph Aronson. Table of Contents. List of Plates. 98 plates (some slightly reduced). xxiii + 240pp. of text. ISBN 0-486-22255-1.

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From the Book Cover

Thomas Sheraton's trade card offered his services as delineator and designer. In this capacity he began to publish The Cabinet-Maker and Upholsterer's Drawing-Book in 1791. With additions and alterations it reached completed form in 1794. In the process it changed from a wordy treatise on mechanical drawing, perspective and orthographic projection to an exemplar of furniture design. Indeed, by its masterful selection of the best of the Late Adam Classical Revival, it epitomized in textbook style the range and taste in English furniture in the last quarter of the eighteenth century. The examples advanced from the Hepplewhite choices of only a few years earlier, adding decorative elegance and the restrained richness of ornament inspired by acute observations of the contemporary style of Louis XVI.

This Dover edition is essentially the furniture of the Drawing-Book, a grand résumé of the noblest themes of the Classical Revival as inspired by the Brothers Adam and rendered into furniture by countless cabinetmakers, craftsmen and artists who served one of history's most self-consciously opulent societies.

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