Small Brick Houses of the Twenties, by Ralph P. Stoddard

Small Brick Houses of the Twenties (Dover Publications)

Dover (2005) unabridged republication of Brick for the Average Man's Home, published by The Common Brick Manufacturers' Association of America, in Cleveland, Ohio, 1920. 14 halftones, 35 floor plans, 49 line illustrations. 72pp. 8.375 x 11. Paperbound. ISBN-10: 0-486-44353-1. ISBN-13: 978-0-486-44353-9.

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From the Book Cover

Once affordable only among the wealthy, brick homes became more easily available to the average American in the early years of the twentieth century. This book, originally published in 1920 by a member of The Common Brick Manufacturers' Association, served as a practical guide for prospective homeowners from working class families. Many soon found that attractive, durable, and comfortable homes — made from nature's own building material — were easily within their financial reach.

Thirty-five sets of floor plans, elevations and specifications in this excellent reproduction of that now-rare volume depict a wide variety of brick houses, bungalows, cottages, garages, and multi-dwelling buildings — from the four-bedroom Pocatello to the handsome Saratoga, featuring a wraparound porch and two bathrooms.

This practical guide will appeal to anyone wanting to buy or renovate an existing home of the period. It will also serve as a how-to-manual for all desiring to build their own homes today with authentic materials and techniques. For those who love fine, old buildings Small Brick Houses of the Twenties offers a charming view of American homes from that era.

Cover design by John M. Alves.

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