The Bungalow Book
Floor Plans and Photos of 112 Houses

by Henry L. Wilson

Henry L. Wilson: The Bungalow Book (Dover Publications)

Dover (2006) republication of the fifth edition published by Henry L. Wilson, Chicago, 1910. 268 illustrations. 160pp. 8.375 x 11. Paperbound. ISBN-10: 0-486-45104-6. ISBN-13: 978-0-486-45104-6.

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From the Book Cover

Cozy, charming, and distinctly Californian, the bungalow is an enduring architectural icon. Originally designed to survive earthquakes, the low, rambling structures combined grace, beauty, and comfort at minimum cost.

Early in the twentieth century Los Angeles architect Henry Wilson, who called himself “The Bungalow Man,” compiled 112 of the most popular and economic bungalow blueprints of his time in a catalog for would-be homeowners. Complementing each set of prints was an illustration or photograph of the completed house, which most frequently contained two or three bedrooms with closet space living and dining rooms, a kitchen with pantry, and a bath.

An ideal reference for preservationists and restorers, this reprint of Wilson's rare catalog represents a wonderful time capsule and invaluable guide to a popular style of American domestic architecture.

Cover design by Jeff R. Menges.

(The above commentary is provided by Dover Publications, Inc.)

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