Victorian City and Country Houses:
Plans and Details

by George E. Woodward

George E. Woodward: Victorian City and Country Houses (Dover Publications)

Unabridged Dover (1996) republication of Woodward's National Architect, Volume II, published by The American News Company, New York, 1877. 100 black-and-white plates. 112pp. 8.375 x 11.25 inches. Paperbound. ISBN 0-486-29080-8.

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From the Book Cover

The widespread interest in constructing and restoring Victorian homes makes this a must-have volume for today's builders, homeowners, architects and preservationists. It offers an abundance of authentic, finely-detailed plans and designs for a variety of Victorian residences.

Included are 100 front and side elevations, floor plans and original designs — all to working scale — for a block of five city houses, a country house with a French roof, a summer house, various styles of cottages, a tool house, and other buildings. The plates also depict a wealth of details: roof and dormer windows, balustrades, iron fences and gates, finials, cresting, gables, brackets, paneling, mantels, front doors, an oriel window, chimneys, and many other elements.

Republished directly from a rare 1877 edition, Victorian City and Country Houses offers a wonderfully authentic look back to the distinctive buildings styles of the Victorian period. It will not only delight builders and restorationists, but any student or lover of period architecture.

Cover design by Frank J. Moore.

(The above commentary is provided by Dover Publications, Inc.)

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