A Victorian Housebuilder's Guide:
“Woodward's National Architect of 1869”

by George E. Woodward & Edward G. Thompson

George E. Woodward and Edward G. Thompson: A Victorian Housebuilder's Guide (Dover Publications)

Unabridged and slightly altered Dover (1988) republication of Woodword's National Architect, published by George E. Woodward, New York, 1869. Over 580 black-and-white illustrations. Introduction. Description of plates. Price lists. 160pp. 8.375 x 11.25 inches. Paperbound. ISBN 0-486-25704-5.

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From the Book Cover

Here are detailed drawings, floor plans, elevations, specifications and vintage cost estimates for twenty distinctive Victorian structures, ranging from a cottage to an ornate brick villa, from a schoolhouse to a decorative boathouse. They have been reproduced from a rare 1869 edition of Woodward's National Architect, a publication directed to builders, carpenters and masons of the Victorian era.

Each of these highly individual and appealing structures has been meticulously rendered in a landscaped perspective view along with front and side elevations, first- and second-floor plans and close-up sections. With over 580 black-and-white illustrations, the text provides directions for finishing trim, baseboards and wainscoting; completing brick and plaster work; constructing chimneys, cesspools and cisterns; and much more.

With its wealth of authentic detail, from tinning a roof to setting up a bell system to call the servants from any room in the house, A Victorian Housebuilder's Guide is required reading for restorers and preservationists, students of cultural and architectural history, contemporary architects and builders, anyone interested in the distinctive architecture and design of the Victorian period.

Cover design by Paul E. Kennedy.

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