17 Lies That Are Holding You Back
& the Truth That Will Set You Free

by Steve Chandler

17 Lies That Are Holding You Back (Renaissance Books)

Renaissance Books (2000). 236pp. 6.25 x 9.25 inches. Hardcover. ISBN-10: 1-58063-130-4.

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From the Book Cover

About the Book

Steve Chandler may arguably be the most original and inspiring figure in the highly competitive world of motivational speaking. He is also its best-kept secret. His first book, 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself, has shipped over one hundred thousand copies. His second effort, Reinventing Yourself, is on track to be equally successful. His contemporaries in the field, like Anthony Robbins, may have gained the attention of upper management, but Chandler is often hired by corporations and government organizations to speak to line workers and middle managers. He addresses every one of us, delivering lyrical psychological and spirtual insights that move far beyond the advice of conventional self-help writers.

17 Lies That are Holding You Back and the Truth That Will Set You Free is the unequivocal masterpiece Steve Chandler has been moving toward ever since he left a successful songwriting career. He focuses on helping people break free of the self-told myths that keep the from realizing their full potential. How many times have he lied to ourselves and made self-defeating excuses such as: “It's who you know;” “That's just the way I am;” “I'm not good with people;” and “There's nothing I can do”?

There's plenty you can do! As Steve Chandler dramatically reveals, we already have all the power we need to free ourselves. With his trademark irrepressible energy and humor, Chandler shows you how to cure self-imposed afflictions like laziness, fear, and addiction. Most importantly, he makes the learning process entertaining and fun — an intriguing and profound journey that reaches the heights of such inspirational classics as M. Scott Peek's The Road Less Traveled.

This is Steve Chandler's finest moment, a breakthrough book that will help you love yourself and realize once and for all that only the truth can finally set you free.

About the Author

Steve Chandler is an author, public speaker, and corporate trainer who appears at more than one hundred seminars a year. He is the author of the bestseller 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself, a work that receivd the King Features Syndicate award for 1997's Audio Book of the Year. He is also the author of Reinventing Yourself and the audiobook 35 Ways to Create Great Relationships. He resides in Phoenix.

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