Cézanne By Himself
Edited by Richard Kendall

Cézanne By Himself (Chartwell Books, Inc.)

Chartwell Books, Inc. (2001). 320pp. 9.75 x 12.5 inches. Hardcover. ISBN-10: 0-7858-0167-7. ISBN-13: 978-0-7858-0167-2

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From the Book Cover

About the Book

This volume on the life and work of Paul Cézanne (1839–1906) brings together for the first time a diverse and revealing selection of material, drawn from 800 paintings and 2,000 drawings and watercolors, and also from his correspondence and the memoirs of his friends. Despite being one of the most influential of the nineteenth-century artists, Cézanne was far from being a conventional hero, and was ill at ease in the cafés and salons of the Paris art world. His work shows a classical concern with form and structure which sets it apart from the Impressionist mainstream, and led a subsequent generation of art historians to dub him the first “Post-Impressionist.” This book provides fascinating evidence of the artist's friendships and family life and through his own writings and the reminiscences of his contemporaries shows the paradoxes and contradictions of his personality.

Illustrated with more than 200 superb color reproductions — landscapes, still lifes, portraits, nudes and studies from the Old Masters — Cézanne by Himself offers a rich treasury of material which gives us a new understanding of this great and truly innovative artist.

About the Editor

Richard Kendall is a professional art historian, teacher and painter specializing in nineteenth-century French painting. Previous publications include Degas 1834–1984, marking the artist's 150th anniversary, The Impressionist Revolution (contributor), Monet by Himself and Degas by Himself.

Cover illustration: Château Noir, Reinhart Collection, Winterthur, Switzerland.

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