Pittsylvania County, Virginia:
A Brief History

by Larry G. Aaron

Pittsylvania County, Virginia: A Brief History (The History Press)

The History Press (2009). 160pp. 5.9 x 8.8 inches. Over 50 images. Paperback. ISBN-10: 1-596-29531-7. ISBN-13: 978-1-596-29531-5.

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About the Book

Pittsylvania is Virginia's largest county geographically, birthplace and major grower of Bright Leaf tobacco, wonderland of fossil discovery, and historically the home of a fascinating array of adventurers, heroes, geniuses, and scoundrels. Local historian and longtime resident Larry G. Aaron provides a concise, insightful, and entertaining tour of Pittsylvania's remarkable history, guiding the reader through prehistory, colonial discovery, settlement and development, economic change and upheaval, and wartimes. Included is early history of neighboring Danville, the last capital of the Confederacy.

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