Me and My Likker:
The True Story of a Mountain Moonshiner

by Popcorn Sutton

Me and My Likker (Shockwave)

First edition published by Shockwave (1999). 128pp. Spiral-bound. ISBN-10: 0-970162-80-4. ISBN-13: 978-0-970162-80-9. Revised edition published by Bent Corner Books (2009).

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About the Book

In Me and My Likker, renowned moonshine-maker (and manufacturer of whiskey stills) Popcorn Sutton of Maggie Valley, North Carolina, tells his life's story and describes his profession and personal philosophy. The original edition of Me and My Likker (like Popcorn Sutton's other products) has been much sought-after, but only sporadically available. Prior to Sutton's death on March 16, 2009, he completed a revised edition.

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About the Author

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