Love Bears Outside Tel Aviv

By Karen Tackett.

Bears Marching Forth

In Israel: bear soldiers for their soldiers.

As many of you know, the Love Bears have gone around the world. This year we gave several to a group of folks going to Israel for a tour of the country. During their stay they had the awesome opportunity to visit one of the hospitals where some recovering soldiers are receiving treatment after injuries received in the recent war with Lebanon. As you will read in our friend Donna's message, the Love Bears blessed and encouraged these folks very much. We praise the Lord for how the Love Bears touch lives in so many ways. We also pray healing over these brave soldiers.


In March 2008 while on a trip to Israel, I visited a hospital outside of Tel Aviv. I was very nervous about meeting the soldiers and what to say to them. Passing out hooded sweatshirts was part of our mission. I had wrapped up one of the Love Bears in each of the sweatshirts. When the shirt was opened and the Bear fell out, it was an instant “Ice Breaker.” Smiles replaced skepticism and friendships began to form. The Love Bears brought warmth and a sense of caring to the wards.

Many thanks to all who take the time and concern to make LOVE BEARS!

Donna Hardin