Hannah's Bear

Hannah's bear.

Seth's Bear

Cecily with Seth and Seth's bear.

Cecily's Testimony

By Karen Tackett, October 2009.

One evening this week we went to visit one of our adopted daughters and her family. We took a big bag of Love Bears with us and during the evening we shared them with our adopted daughter and her two children. As Seth and Hannah found their very special bears so did their mom. This is mom's testimony of what happened after we left.  Thank you, Lord, for how You use the Love Bears to meet needs in each person's life.

Cecily's testimony:

I took a shower and then I spent about the last 20-30 minutes just lying on the bed, holding my bear and praying and resting. I was going to study some but holding my bear just sounded better. I am a 42-year-old woman and I am just as proud of my bear as my kids are!