LOVEbearsALL Pattern

By Karen Tackett.

This pattern is 11 inches wide and 12 inches high.

Bear pattern

Bear Sewing Instructions

Print this page, and then use a photocopier to enlarge the pattern to 11" x 12" (depending on the machine and paper, it may be necessary to print on more than one sheet of paper and tape together). When you achieve a printed pattern of the correct size, cut it out.

Use washable fabric in assorted colors and patterns. Using the pattern as a guide, cut out the bear material you have selected, and with right sides of material together sew around bear using 1/4-inch seam and leaving a 2-3 inch opening under one arm for stuffing. Clip inside curves and corners of material. Turn right side out using the opening. Press if needed before stuffing. Stuff bear with poly-fil to desired firmness. Sew opening closed with needle and thread. If you desire facial features on your bear, use Sharpie to draw features. DO NOT put buttons, snaps or ribbons on the bear as these may come off with use. The bears can be washed and dried. For your information, a 20-ounce bag of poly-fil will stuff 8-10 bears.