Scripture Cards

By Karen Tackett.

Scripture Card Scripture Card Scripture Card

Several years ago the Lord gave me the idea to use the amazing scenery pictures that I had taken to put on a card and then to put a Scripture verse on the picture. It took a bit to work all this out but the Lord was so faithful to help me set up the program and begin the process. Over the years I have worked towards having 365 cards with different pictures and Scriptures. This year I finally achieved that desire.

I only print and have on hand about 30 different cards so that I can share with people as we go through life. After a meal I will lay 6 to 8 cards on the table and ask our server to pick out any or all for their blessing and encouragement. It is our way to say thank you and to also share the Lord's truth with those we meet. It also opens the door for people to share any prayer needs they might have or to share their heart with someone who cares.

The stories are endless of tears being shed and hugs being given. I have one young man who works in a local restaurant who will take them all and has shared them in school. I have another young woman who has made several collages to put on her wall so she can see them on a regular basis and read the Scriptures. Many put them in their billfolds or on their mirror so that they can read them over and over and begin to learn God's Word. I pray it encourages them to pick up their Bible or get them a Bible and read the whole Word of God and let the truth flow into their minds and hearts to bring salvation, healing and restoration.

In motels I will leave a note for the housekeepers thanking them for their service and I will leave a scripture card also. As the Lord leads I pick out the one He wants me to leave. I have several cards that are translated into Spanish for those who need them.

We love just being obedient to what the Lord desires us to do to share His love and His Word with others. You too can be available to hear God's voice and obey in whatever outreach ministry He has for you. Believe me He will teach you, lead you, guide you, prepare you and strengthen you for His plans and purposes to be accomplished.