Ponderous Ark (Noetia ponderosa Say, 1822)

Ponderous Ark
Noetia ponderosa Say, 1822

Cut-ribbed Feature of the Ponderous Ark:
It's Groovy!

By Patricia B. Mitchell.

When I first posted this article, I mistakenly identified the shells in this photograph as the Cut-ribbed Ark (Anadara floridana Conrad, 1869). The bold longitudinal grooves in the ribs of these shells convinced me of their identification. Actually, these are further examples of the Ponderous Ark (Noetia ponderosa Say, 1822).

Jo O'Keefe (see OKeefes.org) used the article for reference while identifying Ark specimens, and sent a question to Dr. Harry G. Lee (see Jaxshells.org). Dr. Lee advised of the error in the article, noted that the Ponderous Ark also exhibits the cut-ribbed feature, and mentioned the following distinctions between the Ponderous Ark and the Cut-ribbed Ark:

The Jaxshells.org website (for which Dr. Lee is scientific advisor) includes illustrations of both the Cut-ribbed Ark and the Ponderous Ark. Both species are also discussed and illustrated in Dr. Lee's book Marine Shells of Northeast Florida, Jacksonville Shell Club, Jacksonville, Florida, pp. 18, 20; species numbers 26, 36; color plates 1, 4.


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