Vanhyning's Heart Cockle (Dinocardium robustum Vanhyningi Clench & Smith, 1944)

Vanhyning's Heart Cockle
Dinocardium robustum Vanhyningi Clench & Smith 1944

Vanhyning's Heart Cockle:
In the Old Days, Florida's Souvenir Ashtray!

By Patricia B. Mitchell.

This bivalve, found on the west coast of Florida, is a pretty specimen. Its outline is more or less like a lopsided triangle as you look down at the exterior of the shell, though the ribbed shell is well-inflated. It can be over 5 inches in length and has distinctive chestnut-colored bars on its yellowish-tan-white surface.

Decades ago this kind of shell was sold as an ashtray with a beach or town's name written on it.


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