Cross-Hatched Lucine (Divaricella quadrisulcata Orbigny, 1842)

Cross-Hatched Lucine
Divaricella quadrisulcata Orbigny, 1842

Cross-Hatched Lucine:
“An Excellent Choice of Pattern”

By Patricia B. Mitchell.

This white circular shell has a surface pattern quite unlike any similar bivalve shell. There are tiny parallel ridges running diagonally across the surface. The inner margins (edges) of the bivalve are crenulate (scalloped). The shell itself is somewhat inflated and not very heavy. It may reach a length of 1 inch.

The mollusk inside the shell has a huge “foot,” a muscular extension of the body, that is six times longer than the shell.

The Cross-Hatched Lucine lives in fairly shallow surf from Massachusetts to the West Indies.


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