Cabrit's Murex (Murex cabritii Bernardi, 1859)

Cabrit's Murex
Murex cabritii Bernardi, 1859

Cabrit's Murex:
Pale and Pretty

By Patricia B. Mitchell.

Cabrit's Murex may reach a height of 3 inches. It usually has six whorls (volutions), and is a pale pink/buff color. Slender spines decorate this pretty mollusk. The siphonal canal, a narrow extension of the lip of the aperture, or opening, of Cabrit's Murex is twice as long as the rest of the shell.

The gastropod lives in sand or rubble in seas about 150 feet (46m) deep. Its habitat ranges from off the coast of South Carolina to the West Indies. For purposes of shell idenfication the beachcomber should keep in mind that the number of spines on individual Murex cabritii varies considerably. — Interesting trivia: the mollusk is named in honor of a mid-19th century French shell collector.


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