Common Baby's Ear (Sinum perspectivum Say, 1831)

Common Baby's Ear
Sinum perspectivum Say, 1831

Common Baby's Ear:
Well-Named Naticidae

By Patricia B. Mitchell.

The Common Baby's Ear is roundish in outline and 1-1½ inches in diameter. It is almost flat with a large aperture, or opening, and a curve like a human ear. The shell is pure white unless it has been discolored from prolonged contact with debris or chemicals in the sand. The inside of the shell is usually pearly-white.

Despite the rather delicate appearance of the Common Baby's Ear, and its sweet name, Sinum perspectivum is a carnivorous snail, as are all members of the Moon Shell family of which it is a part.

The Common Baby's Ear may grace beaches from Maryland to Brazil, and in Bermuda.


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