Kitten's Paw (Plicatula giblosa Lamarck, 1801)

Kitten's Paw
Plicatula giblosa Lamarck, 1801

Kitten's Paw:
Hasn't Scratched Yet

By Patricia B. Mitchell.

Found from the beaches of North Carolina to the shores of the West Indies, cute little Kitten's Paw shells look like their name. The shell may be as big as an inch long, and is usually white, gray, pinkish-brown, reddish, or dark with age. The color often is more pronounced on the shell's six or seven folds, which look like the toe joints of a paw. Another name for this bivalve is Cat's Paw.

The living bivalve, or “pelecypod,” lives attached to coral or rocks. Collectors usually find one valve of the creature, rather than the two halves joined by their hinge.


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